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Enabling Canadians with Disabilities to Lead Active Healthy Lives
Full and equitable access to active living opportunities for all persons in Prince Edward Island with disabilities


To promote inclusion and active living lifestyles of persons in Prince Edward Island with disabilities by facilitating communication and collaboration among organizations, agencies and individuals.

ALACD-Prince Edward Island

The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability is a national network that was created in 1989 to motivate and assist Canadians with a disability to become more physically active.  While an active lifestyle is important for all Canadians, it is particularly important for those with a disability.  Research has demonstrated that active individuals can enjoy better overall health, improved quality of life, elevated self-esteem, prolonged independent living in later life and increased mobility.   For individuals with a disability, these benefits help make coping with the everyday challenges of life easier, and can even prevent relapses of certain disabilities or health problems.
Here in Prince Edward Island, we have a core network of individuals, agencies, communities and organizations who are dedicated to facilitating increased activity across PEI.  Our desire is to see this network expand as the Alliance reaches out to involve partners and stakeholders at the local and provincial levels. 
At present, all of our provincial funding is provided through ALACD’s national body on a project to project basis.


One of the gaps identified by the ALACD PEI committee was lack of resources available to parents, teachers, and professionals to identify recreation and physical activity opportunities available to people with disabilities in communities across the Island. If you offer an inclusive physical activity program or know of such a program in your community please email

Volunteers Needed

The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability - PEI committee is looking for individuals interested in helping shape the direction of this committee. The committee meets about four times a year and its purpose is to provide direction and insight on how to include persons with a disability in physical activity opportunities. We are looking for people that are passionate about this cause and that want to see more inclusive physical activity environments. If you are interested in joining this committee or would just like to provide feedback on the ALACD-PEI role please contact


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